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  • Retention increasing to 100 days!

    Best wishes for 2019!

    We're excited to start 2019 off with great news: We are increasing our retention to 100 days!

    We're very grateful to the tremendous amount of support and encouragement we've received over the past few months. It has allowed us to perform this massive upgrade.

    The new storage systems are currently doing burn-in tests. We expect to start the retention increase next week. We will grow day-by-day to 100 days, and who knows what will happen after that.

    Supporting us with your subscription gives us the ability to grow even further. If you want to help us build even more retention please subscribe to a monthly or yearly package and ask your fellow Usenet users to do the same.

    - The ViperNews Team

  • Away with personal information

    Some of you have (rightfully so) asked us why we asked you to enter personal details when creating an account with us. We asked these details so some of our payment options had the ability to perform additional fraud prevention checks. After looking into it, these payment options do not strictly require us to provide these details. That's why we've decided to remove them.

    As of now our sign-up form is much shorter. We now only require you to enter an e-mail address and a self-chosen password. All other personal data is no longer requested and all existing personal data has been completely purged from our databases.

    Thanks for your feedback and have fun!

    - The ViperNews Team

  • We're live!

    We've had a fun couple of weeks. Thank you all very much for beta testing our new Usenet platform. We're excited to announce we've reached our initial goal of 30 days retention! Thanks to you we've managed to squish a few bugs, tweak some settings and things are now humming along just fine. With that it's time to end our free 30 day trial for new users. New users are instead now able to test us with a 7 day free trial.

    Of course, this doesn't mean we're stopping here. We have a lot of exciting new stuff in mind for 2019, make sure to check in regularly for updates and if you have any ideas for us, let us know what you think, we'd love to hear from you.

    See you on Usenet!

    - The ViperNews Team

  • Hello world!

    Hi and welcome to ViperNews, your next Usenet provider! As you can see we're the new kid on the block. Over the past few months we've been quietly building a new, independent Usenet platform. We've had a lot of fun building it and we're ecstatic we can now share our hard work with you.

    Unlike some people think, Usenet is very much alive. For nerds like us it's very exciting stuff to work with. We've decided to go full monty with this new Usenet platform, which means we're a true "Tier 1". We run our own feeders (you may have seen us pop up in the top1000 as ""), do our own article numbering, store our own headers and have approximately 30 days retention (currently filling up, more to come!). We do not rely on another large Usenet competitor to do our backfilling or header storage; we do it all ourselves! Very exciting stuff indeed!

    Because we're new, things may break. And if things break, it's not nice to ask money for it. That's why we decided to give everyone a 30-day free trial to allow you to test the waters. Let us know what you think, we'd love to hear from you.


    - The ViperNews Team